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Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) is British Horseracing’s official charity for the welfare of racehorses that have retired from racing. Founded in 2000, RoR’s vision is that there is a clearly marked pathway for all British trained racehorses to enjoy a fulfilling life further to their racing career, and where applicable breeding career, with a strong and secure welfare safety net in place.

The charity’s remit has been to:

• Facilitate the transition to a second career for horses leaving racing;
• Educate owners and riders who take responsibility for former racehorses;
• Create opportunities for former racehorses to participate and compete in a range of equine disciplines and therapeutic activities; and
• Protect the welfare of former racehorses, in particular those who are ‘vulnerable’ or  otherwise in need of care.

The Chairperson of the charity is appointed by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) which has two seats on the Board of Trustees. The term of appointment for the current Chairman will conclude in December 2020. It is intended to commence the recruitment process for his successor at this time to facilitate a transition period with both Chairs, to oversee the necessary changes required by the Horse Welfare Board Strategy to ensure the right resources are in place for the organisation (including executive strength and depth) and to be fully ready to meet the charity’s wider brief and role within the British Horseracing industry.

Further information on the work of the charity and the Chairperson’s role can be found in the Candidate Brief attached here.

The term of appointment is for a period of three years with an option subject to agreement of both parties to extend for a further 3 years.

If you feel you have the relevant skills and experience, please submit an expression of interest (no more than 2 sides of A4) describing your relevant skills and experience to:

Closing date for applications will be Friday 28th August 2020

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