International Women’s Day Careers Case Studies

To celebrate International Women’s Day (Friday 8th March) we have asked some women who work in the horseracing industry today for their career paths and what got them interested in racing. With such a diverse and mix of roles you can do now each path is very different and tells its own story. From telling us about the best part of their days, to their proudest moments in their career so far and even some of the challenges they may have faced and how they have overcome them.

Each case can be found in full below and each has a bit of advice for you if your thinking about a career in racing or if you feel inspired by their story make sure to get in touch to us via or via social media.

Leah Burnett – Northern Racing College Apprentice

Simone Martin – Management Trainee Newbury Racecourse

Debbie McGregor – Assistant Barn Manager at for Nick W Alexander at Kinneston

Susannah Gill – The Alizeti Group – Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs

Sulekha Varma – Racing Manager & Clerk of Course at Hamilton Racecourse

Tessa Muir – Anti – Doping Manager at BHA

April Clarke – Racing Groom at Jedd O’Keeffe

Louise Gillam Stable hand at Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott Racing

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