International Women’s Day 2021 – My Career Story

To celebrate International Women’s Day on Monday 8th March we have asked some women who work in the horseracing industry today for their career paths and what got them interested in racing. With such a diverse mix of roles you can do in the industry everyone’s path tells its own story. From telling us about the best part of their days, to their proudest moments in their career so far and even some of the opportunities to travel world, the horseracing industry has been quite an experience for them.

Each case can be found in full below and each has a bit of advice for you if your thinking about a career in racing.

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Our 2021 stories below from staff within the British Horsreacing Authority

Lois Upton Anti-Doping Administrator

Nicole Thompson – Racecourse Operations Executive

Kerry Kuznik Medical Assistant and Jockey Athlete Research Coordinator

Sophie Mellett as she explains her journey so far on the stud and breeding side of the racing world. Louise Todd who is an Equine Welfare and Integrity Officer shares her career story. Plus, Sally Taylor who is a BHA Veterinary Officer tells her career story here.