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Racing Groom Blog - Arvin Chadee

Blog 1 – Arvin Chadee

Read the first post from our new Racing Groom blogger, Arvin Chadee. Arvin works for Dean Ivory Racing and will be talking about how he got in to racing and his experiences so far in his career. “Galileo an impressive winner of the Derby”. Those … Read more

Graduate Blog - Michael Andrews

Blog 1 – Michael Andrews

The British Horseracing Graduate Development Programme was without doubt one of the best things I’ve ever done. Whether it was the awesome two-week residential course at Newmarket at the start of the course, meeting some lifelong racing fans and … Read more

Travelling Head Groom Blog - Laura Parker

Blog 8 – Laura Parker

December blog: The Festive Season I’ve not written a blog for a while but as I’ve been back working at Philip Hobbs’s for a good few months I should now be able to string a few sentences together about what myself and the yard … Read more

Blog 7 – Laura Parker

August Blog: Doughnuts & a Dip. So I’m writing this blog from Somerset today rather than Lambourn. As most of you may have heard I’ve left my job at Warren’s and am back home as of this evening and returning to work at … Read more

Racing Groom Blog - Charlotte Jones

Blog 1 – Charlotte Jones

So, I have never been one for writing much, or reading much for that matter, I’d usually be found in close proximity of a four-legged animal we like to call a horse. However, for now, I have hung up my riding boots for an hour or two to scratch … Read more