Work Rider

“Being a work rider is the perfect role if you want to carry on with your other interests and commitments while earning a steady wage.”

Charlotte Prichard – Work Rider

I arrive at work for 7.30am and we begin by putting all the horses on the walker and mucking them out, after this I ride out, usually 5 lots, then help to finish the yard off. The lots are very varied and I get the chance to ride work, school and even take horses to the beach. As a Work Rider I only work mornings, as opposed to coming back in the afternoon/evening which the full time Racing Grooms do. Working at Dunraven Stud is also interesting because of the mares and youngstock that we see visiting and progressing.

I always knew I wanted to work with horses and as I have point to pointers at home being a Work Rider allows me the time to train these in the afternoons. The Work Rider role gives me the opportunity to enjoy the riding out with more flexible working hours to fit all my other interests into a working day.

I was very lucky to start riding ponies when I was a toddler and got hooked on pony racing while in school. I started pointing when I turned 16 and approached a few local trainers to ride out on the odd weekend and in school holidays, I spent a summer working for Jonjo O’Neill and my first job came in Evan Williams’ after completing my A Levels.

Aside from the obvious of not being stuck inside an office and having the thrills of schooling and working horses, the best part of my job would be the opportunity to travel. As a Work Rider you have a pretty niche skill, which equips you to work riding racehorses anywhere in the world. I have been lucky enough to work in both New Zealand and France in the summer when a lot of Jump yards go quiet during the summer season. The opportunity to earn a decent wage while seeing a new part of the world is a major benefit of my role.

I find my job most rewarding when overcoming the various challenges that each individual horse poses to you throughout the season, whether they are tricky to ride or more difficult to keep sound and healthy, they are all different and often a real team effort is needed to get the best out of them.

There are so many different opportunities in racing and it’s a very easy industry to become involved in, just ask politely and work hard!

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