Stud Manager

“You cannot beat the sense of bringing a new life into the world”

Stuart Thom – Stud Manager

I usually start work early and feed the horses in the yard and then in the paddock, making sure to check over each one carefully. I then groom the yearlings, exercise them on the walker and muck out the stables before doing all my office work.

In the afternoon I lunge, groom and feed the yearlings as well as feed and check all the other horses on the stud. In the breeding season all the yearling work would be replaced with foaling down mares and all the vet work associated with breeding.

I chose this particular career path as I felt I had a good understanding of horses having grown up on my father’s dairy farm where he also bred racehorses.

I went down with one of his mares to Old Mill Stud and ended up spending the rest of that season working there as a Stud Hand. The following year I got a placement as a student Stud Hand at Dalham Hall Stud for Darley Stud Management and have worked in the industry ever since in various roles.

There are lots of great aspects to my job but probably the best part is the foaling. You cannot beat the sense of bringing a new life into the world and being amazed at how quickly the foals learn to do everything.

If you work hard and do your best to learn about all the aspects of the job it is an amazingly rewarding career and lifestyle.