Head Racing Groom

“I get tremendous job satisfaction at the end of each day. Hard work is rewarded on days when you have a big winner”

Katie Margarson – Head Racing Groom

I wake up at 5am and head straight into the yard. I arrive at the yard for about 5:20am each morning, first I have a quick chat with my dad, the Trainer, about the work going on that morning and things that need to be done. I ride out with every lot and also ensure all medicals all done correctly throughout the morning.

Once all morning duties are complete I feed the whole yard their lunch, I am then free for the afternoon until about 3:30 when I will be back at the yard to oversee afternoon/evenings stables.

During afternoon stables I first make sure all the team have been assigned tasks and that the board of tasks is correct, I check each horse and make sure all jobs are being or have been done.We feed at about 5:30pm or when all the jobs are done and once again I will check around the whole yard before locking everything up and reporting to the Trainer before I head home

I love horses and always wanted to work with them, I worked in the yard as much as I could, after school, at weekends and in school holidays, with my strong interest it was always likely I would up on this career path given my dad’s profession as a Trainer.

I get tremendous job satisfaction at the end of each day when the horses are all safely tucked up and happy. Hard work is rewarded on days when you have a big winner, a big winner doesn’t have to be a group winner, it can be a horse everyone doubted- there is nothing better as those days keep you going when things aren’t going so well. I’m very lucky since I started I’ve had a handful of days that will never be forgotten.

Becoming a Head Racing Groom

Most Head Racing Grooms would have progressed to this more senior role, from the position of Racing Groom and would have started their career in racing by completing an Apprenticeship in Racehorse Care. Many would also have achieved the Advanced Apprenticeship in Racehorse Care and Management which requires high standards of practical skills and knowledge of racehorse care, management and riding. The Yard Manager Course is a suitable course for anyone who would like to become a Head Racing Grooms but lacks leadership experience.

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