Assistant Steward

“The best part of my job is that I get to go racing for a living!”

Stephanie Farmer –  Assistant Steward

I have to be there two hours before the first race and I usually try to allow an extra 20-30 minutes on top of my travel time to allow for any delays. Once at the racecourse I get set up for the day. I prepare my race card which I annotate throughout the day, cross-referencing all the information against the Official Raceday Programme and our systems. I check non-runners and edit them where necessary, note any jockeys that are coming from or going to another meeting and publish preliminary notices, such as horses going to post early.

70 minutes before the first race we have a Raceday Team Briefing where all the Officials come together and go through the race card so we can exchange information that may be relevant to other team members ie. a horse that kicks may be useful to the Starters, the Veterinary Officer and Stewards that are in the Parade Ring. Throughout the day, I liaise with our Integrity team and communicate any information or concerns to the Stewards. For the remainder of the day it is my responsibility to update the BHA website with any reports we receive from jockeys, trainers and the Veterinary Officer, also recording enquiries and producing subsequent notices for the Stewards Report. Once we’re certain all the information has been published at the end of the day, I drive home and print off the next day’s race card to save time in the morning. On occasions a transcript of an enquiry may be needed which I like to do at home as its quieter and I can give it my full attention.