Hands and Heels Apprentice Series 2018

Date  Course Jockey Coach
7th April Wolverhampton John Bramill
18th May  Newmarket John Bramill
30th May  Nottingham John Bramill
28th June  Nottingham John Bramill
5th July Yarmouth Michael Hills
27th July Thirsk Kim Tinkler
21st August Hamilton Tim Reed
28th August Bath Rodi Greene
24th September Leicester John Bramill
1st October Bath Rodi Greene
9th October Brighton John Reid
26th October Newbury (Final) John Reid

Hands and Heels Apprentice Series Conditions

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Apprentice Training Race Series 2018

Date Course Jockey Coach
7th May Windsor John Reid
12th May Nottingham John Bramhill
13th July Chepstow Rodi Greene
 24th July Nottingham  Nick Bentley
 25th July Catterick  Russ Garritty
 21st August Brighton  John Reid
 1st September Lingfield  Luke Dace
 5th September Bath  John Reid
 19th September Beverly  Kim Tinkler
2nd October Ayr Brian Harding
27th October Doncaster John Bramhill

Apprentice Training Race Series Conditions

Apprentice Training Score Board

Haydock Park Apprentice Series 2018

Date Course Jockey Coach
8th June  Haydock Park John Bramhill
14th June  Haydock Park John Bramhill
5th July  Haydock Park  Brian Harding
20th July  Haydock Park  Brian Harding
10th August  Haydock Park  Brian Harding
28th September Haydock Park (Final) George Baker

Haydock Park Apprentice Series Conditions

Results Table

Salisbury Apprentice Series 2018

Date Course Jockey Coach
17th May Salisbury John Reid
12th June Salisbury John Reid
17th June Salisbury John Reid
15th August  Salisbury John Reid
6th September  Salisbury John Reid

Salisbury Apprentice Race Series Conditions

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