Careers in Racing Social Creator – Zoe Smith

Careers in Racing will be working with a mix of people working in or around the horseracing industry today. All showcasing a various route into the industry or how to make your hobbies your career, this is by blogging or vlogging.

You will find different content from each across our social media platforms showcasing and exploring different career paths you can have in racing. So here you can get to know Zoe!

Name: Zoe Smith

Hi Zoe, tell us a bit about yourself?

I am 24 years old from Birmingham. I have two brothers, one older, one younger so I’m the middle child. I also have a little sausage dog called Archie!

How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

Driven, energetic, happy

Flats or Jumps?

I love both, however I am a jumps girl at heart!

How long have you been working / connected to horseracing?

I started writing about horse racing in 2017 when Worcester Racecourse invited my along to interview Richard Johnson, I then started taking it more seriously in November 2019 and have continued with weekly blog posts ever since!

What first attracted you to the sport?

I grew up watching racing with my dad and absolutely loved it!

What is your favourite racing memory?

My favourite memory is actually my first memory, when I was around 5/6 years old and we were at Stratford racecourse on the family day in the centre of the course, AP McCoy had had a fall around the back, so was walking back around and I shouted “look mom it’s AP” because at that point he was one of the only people I actually knew in racing. And as he always has been, he was a complete gentleman, who came straight over to us and took photos and signed my dad’s programme and I guess growing up I stuck with the sport because of how welcoming he was and now I absolutely love it.

 What to you feel horseracing has done well during the pandemic?

I feel like being able to continue racing during the pandemic has been essential for people suffering with their mental health. Just having that little bit of excitement to sit down and watch the racing can be such a positive thing for people who are struggling through the lockdowns.

 What do you enjoy most about working in the industry or building content on the sport?

I love how welcoming everybody in the industry is. Everyone I’ve reached out to have been lovely and always supportive of what I do and always willing to share and help, including trainers, jockeys and owners. Also being able to interview, in my opinion, the best jockey of all time AP McCoy and him being so happy to speak with me and share my work was an honour!

What made you start creating horseracing content online?

When I left college I was sort of lost, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. But I knew I loved writing so I started a blog to just write about things I was passionate about, which eventually turned into 99% horse racing posts, which now is 100% horse racing!

Do you have a favourite horse?

Native River! I absolutely adore him. I was lucky enough to visit the Tizzard’s yard and meet him and as they knew he was my favourite horse they let me walk him to his stable from the walker, feed him and put his blankets on him, which truly was a dream for someone who loves him like I do!

Favourite Racecourse?

Aside from the obvious, Cheltenham – I absolutely love York!

Which race / racecourse around the world would you love to visit?

I would love to attend the Melbourne Cup at Flemington in Australia!

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