Still at School

Things to be doing if you are still at school

If you are currently in full time education and thinking about your career options then you have come to the right place. It’s really important that you start to explore what you would like to do. Take some time to read our case studies and hear directly from a variety of people the different roles that they do in horseracing. Discover what routes they took to make the career path they have. You can also take a look at our Career Map.

You can explore your options more here with our horseracing guide  

Seek advice

Your career advisor at school should be able to help you and so can we! Send us a question at any time if you want to know more about any of the jobs or training available in horseracing. It’s important that you now stay in training or education until you are least 18 but that does not mean you have to stay at school. You can leave at 16 as long as you go into a recognised training programme.

If you are interested in working directly in a racing yard with racehorses you could start on this pathway by training to be a Racing Groom by doing a Diploma in Racehorse Care. You can start on a Foundation Course at the National Horseracing College or the British Racing School. If you are more interested in the breeding side of the industry you could go to the National Stud.

Start doing your research now with these training providers so you can apply to start a course as soon as you finish your GCSEs! Bear in mind that courses are very popular so planning ahead is advisable.  You can attend an Open Morning at one of the Racing Schools at any time to start your research.  Both Racing Schools have courses starting each month (so not in September/October like most colleges and universities).

Work Experience

Try to get some work experience at a Racing Yard - if you need some help finding trainers local to you please get in touch with us at .

There are many trainers and stud farms around the country that are able to offer work experience to young people.  There is even a Work Experience Handbook to make your experience even better! Take a look now and see what you could learn. If you would like a hard copy, please email us

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Start planning your career now! Take a look at the Course and Training you will need to take to start your career, read some of our interesting Case Studies, view the current Training Providers and read our Blogs.