Equine College Student

Opportunities to further your experience in racing after Equine College

What are your options after you finish Equine College?

If you have already gone to college to study horse care or another equine based course you can start to apply for jobs in racing as soon as you finish your studies.

If you are experienced at riding and looking after horses in other equestrian disciplines, many Racehorse Trainers will be happy to support a transition into a racing career and can do so via the employer led training programme. 

However if you don't feel ready to start employment, the Equine Student Progression Programme may be a suitable option.

Equine Student Progression Programme

You might feel that you need more training ahead of applying for jobs at a Racehorse Trainer's yard and we are now working with the British Racing School and the Northern Racing College to deliver the Equine Student Progression Programme for Equine College graduates.

The programme is an intensive 5 weeks training course and will teach participants how to ride and look after racehorses. Upon successful completion of the four week training course, participants will be placed into employment at a Racehorse Trainer's yard. To register your interest please email info@careersinracing.com.

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