Callum Bartram-Bell E2SE Graduate

It is never too late to change your path and career ambitions. take the opportunity of trying something new I say.

Callum Bartram-Bell one of our latest Careers in Racing content creators came into the thoroughbred breeding industry from a very different route. His story shows you that you can change your career path at anytime!

In January 2020 I submitted my application for the Entry to Stud Employment (E2SE) course ran by The National Stud in Newmarket.  A decision I took to try something different and to push myself out of my comfort zone, as following three years of studying Politics and International Relations at University. I felt I had become stuck in the same routine, and was not developing myself further. A new challenge was required.

When reflecting, my previous fixed mindset is apparent when during a tour of The National Stud in May 2019, the guide talked about the residential courses, I listened politely but dismissed them and with tunnel vision continued with the aim of pursuing a career in politics. A decision I am now pleased I deviated from, demonstrating to me that it is never too late to change your path and career ambitions. Take the opportunity of trying something new I say.

The openness of the racing industry definitely disproved my assumption that with no experience of working with horses I would not be considered for a placement. I have had a keen interest in the horse racing industry from the age of 15, and am a member of a couple of syndicates, but I had yet to handle a horse directly.

It was after I had received a couple of rejections for graduate courses, still following the traditional politics route, I remembered that presentation I had listened too at The  National Stud and began to research and consider opportunities within horse racing, and how I could apply my skills and career ambitions to an industry I greatly enjoyed. I came across the Careers in Racing website, where I went through all the possible career choices before deciding stud work sounded interesting to me. From here I followed the link to The National Stud where I came across the E2SE course offering greater information about what was entailed, and believed this to be the perfect match for me and thankfully I made my application.

There is no doubt now, that when looking back on my time on the course, stepping into something new provided me with the encouragement to develop, succeed, and has become pivotal in the foundation of setting my career in a whole new direction to that fixed route I had planned years before.  During the course, I quickly adapted to working in a new environment and gained very quickly a good insight and greater appreciation of my new chosen industry. I settled in fairly quickly, and everyone I was working with were very supportive to me as a newcomer and always available for assistance.

The E2SE course itself is divided into two parts, with the first part being a 9 week residential spent at The National Stud were all the basic horse handling, health and stud operation is taught. The second part is a 6 month placement at a UK commercial stud farm where you gain greater horse experience during the foaling season. In my case I had the opportunity to carry out my placement at Newsells Park Stud in Hertfordshire, where I continue to work.

During the placement I was thrown straight into working and monitoring the health of mares before, during and after foaling, which allowed me to witness the arrival of the foals and to get involved, where I could. The opportunity to jump from no experience with horses to successfully being offered and accepting a job after 9 weeks training into one of the UK’s leading Stud farms has been great. This has allowed me to further my knowledge and experience of working, not only with foals and following their development, but I have also had the opportunity to handle and prepare yearlings for the October yearling sales at Tattersalls.

In summary, participating in the course has been a decision I am pleased I made, and I look forward to my future in the industry this has now prepared me for. I would highly recommend the course and the thoroughbred breeding industry to anyone considering trying something new.

You can find out more about the courses run at The National Stud here  You can follow more from Callum on Careers in Racing and via his Twitter account @BartramBell