Blog 4 – Laura Parker

Wednesday 5th July – Okay so I’m no tipster .. that’s now official!! The Black Squirrel did run really well though and will hopefully build on that next time out. As I was back at nearly midnight from Stratford I didn’t have to be in work until 2nd lot this morning which was nice. We’ve two 2 year olds this Summer which is something new and exciting for Warren as a trainer , both came from the breeze ups and will be running in the next month or so. Today was their first attempt at going through the stalls … safe to say they couldn’t have been any better behaved ( Much to mine and Ash’s delight riding them). Olly and Ian both worked on the stalls so it’s ideal having their skills on mornings like this.

I’ve never taken a baby through the stalls so really enjoyed learning and doing it all this morning with the lads … Albeit after a good bit of banter from them informing me of everything that could possibly go wrong!!

We had a treat in work today as not only did we have cake from Stacie’s birthday yesterday , we also had a box of 12 cute cupcakes delivered from Racing Welfare as part of Racing Staff Week.  The vouchers and prizes they’ve given away all week at various meetings alongside other initiatives has been great , it doesn’t solve the staffing crisis but it’s drawing attention and recognition to all the hard work that stable staff put into the sport and the more that happens the better as feeling valued massively increases morale and shows that we’re appreciated.

It’s now lunchtime as I’m writing this, the suns out and I have the afternoon off .. perfect!! Halfway through the season we introduced alternate Wednesday afternoons off and it’s been a big success as it means we’ve the time for shopping and being social .. or just simply catching up on lost sleep in some cases. I think it’s an idea that’s catching on it a lot of yards and shows that small changes can make big improvements to staff happiness and job satisfaction.