Blog 3 – Laura Parker

Monday 3rd July – New week , new month & a new assistant trainer here at Uplands. From today Olly Kozak begins his new role & has already been busy working and looking at ways to improve and help the yard develop this season so as we continue getting the winners alongside being a great place to work . Olly has ridden out for Warren from the beginning so knows the set-up really well and is focusing on improving things from a staff point of view at the moment to ensure that not only are we all happy in our jobs, but to also make us an attractive yard for potential new staff to want to join. I and everyone else in the yard wish him the best of luck .

The matter of attracting new staff leads me on to what my day today entailed. I rode out 2 lots … one of whom was ‘ The Black Squirrel ‘ who has his first run under rules tomorrow having finished 2nd in his Sole P2P start . We have a great reputation with bumper horses and having worked him on Saturday I’d like to think he will help to strengthen that at 8.50 tomorrow night in Stratford . I’ve now opened myself up to looking very stupid this time tomorrow….but that’s nothing new so I won’t worry too much about it.

As I was saying the team are working hard at improving conditions for us staff here and part of that has been getting hold of another lovely house in the village for lads and lasses to move into . However , this meant that following riding out myself and Taylor were dispatched to Newbury in the lorry to collect endless new furniture and deliver it to the new house .. a job that could have been made much easier had the furniture salesman helped us load up rather than standing watching us carrying everything before asking “Any Chance of me getting any free race tickets ?”…times like that biting my tongue becomes a real struggle- much to Taylor’s amusement. By lunchtime we had finished and the house was looking good to go, so a job well done. Summertime in our job often means becoming a man (or in my case woman) of many trades, but like I said .. anything is better than painting.

My weekend was a busy one. Saturday night myself, Karen & Scott from the yard all went to a local hunt ball which with roughly 400 people at was great fun and definitely on the agenda for next year again. Waking up for work the following morning wasn’t quite as much fun, but following a standard race day service station stop for food I was feeling much better and all set for a day at Uttoxeter in the Sun.

Uttoxeter didn’t go quite to plan with both runners, however Attest ran another great race and continues to improve so is a nice horse to follow this season. Sunday was a great example of why I love summer racing .. the sun was out, a massive crowd turned up and everything’s so much easier for us back in the stables .. not a splash of mud or pair of waterproofs in sight. In general I just find the general mood and atmosphere at the summer meetings a much more chilled and sociable one.

It’s now nearly 10pm so as I’ve still sleep to catch up on, I’m going to end things there and hope that tomorrow I have a winner to be writing about.