Blog 2 – Laura Parker

I’ve decided that writing about what I’m doing each day is actually much harder than I anticipated. I’m one day in and either lead an incredibly boring career with nothing to talk about, or this writing malarkey takes more brain power than I’ve recently been using; as I’m blonde we’ll go with the second option and so I’ll make another cup of tea, crack open the biscuits (Caramel Digestives are the current office favourite) and start putting pen to paper.

Work for me usually begins at about half 6 on a weekday, and as I only live a mile from the yard I wouldn’t be out of bed much before 6am which whilst it’s light in the mornings I don’t find too much of a struggle…the winter mornings I can’t say I find quite as easy.

At the moment all of us that ride out are mucking out 2 horses each and then getting tacked up ready for first lot to pull out at 7.30. As I mentioned yesterday a Friday is quite often a schooling morning so Gavin & Harry were in for first lot and both of Sunday’s runners (Magic Money & Attest) were schooled on the all-weather as well as Major Davis- one of our novice hurdlers for the summer. Pictured is Harry and Attest who have won their last 3 races together and who would be looking to go close again at Uttoxeter this weekend. Magic Money doesn’t know when to give up and gets into the big chase with bottom weight so another big run from her would be no surprise.

Warren and Tess returned home the Sales in Ireland last night where they bought another nice group of promising youngsters for this season’s campaign. The 4year old ‘Stowaway’ mare is of particular interest as she is half-sister to one of the yards current stars ‘Western Ryder’ so  has something to live up to once she starts her racing career.  The majority of our horses bought unbroken from the sales (including her) go straight to Phil Rowley’s for breaking and pre-training ( he clearly has staff a lot braver than us lot here) before returning to us and starting full work in the Autumn.

Horses aside, Tess has recently made a much more talked about purchase and one that’s a guaranteed success … a Vending Machine for the yard. So this morning after  riding out and a few trips back and forwards carrying boxes of goodies it was stocked up and ready for someone to attempt to programme.  People clearly think I’ve the potential to be brighter than I look so the 100 page programming manual was passed my way.  I’ve now realised that if this racing business ever stops being my thing I’ve the potential for a career in Vending Machine sales and manufacturing as (touchwood) it’s all set up and good to be used; if not then I could be on the receiving end of some abuse from hungry co-workers tomorrow morning (a missed Redbull and packet of ‘Monster Munch’ isn’t something I want to be accountable for.)

An hour later and I’ve now eaten half of Karens (the secretary) biscuits and have spent enough time pretending to look intellectual whilst writing this so am going to leave things here and hope in the meantime something of interest happens for me to talk about tomorrow – there’s only so much I can say about a Vending Machine after all.