Blog 1 – Arvin Chadee

Read the first post from our new Racing Groom blogger, Arvin Chadee. Arvin works for Dean Ivory Racing and will be talking about how he got in to racing and his experiences so far in his career.

“Galileo an impressive winner of the Derby”. Those words still ring in my ear as my earliest racing memory, how impressive he was.
From a young age my dad used to take me to Epsom Downs for the Derby. Admittedly early on I was more interested in the fun fair then the racing. However those early race day experiences was to be the foundation for the journey I find myself on.

Growing up in North London, a world apart from training centres like Newmarket and Middleham, I never had the opportunity to be around or even touch a horse. It wasn’t until I was 21 and found myself at a crossroads as to what I wanted achieve personally and professionally. It was then I realised the only thing I was passionate about and had an everlasting interest in was the sport of horseracing.

As with all great ideas I started off by Googling “how to get into horseracing”. Fortunately for me I came across the careers in racing website. As a complete novice, the information I gathered from the website proved invaluable. It provided great insight into the industry, the opportunities available and most important for me, how to get started. It was evident from the website someone with my background, or lack experience of will be best suited to attending one of the two horseracing training providers. The Northern Racing College was the logical albeit tentative next step. A visit to one of the NRC’s open days allowed me to experience my first day in a stable and all the hard work required. However this only furthered my motivation to secure a place on to the 12 weeks foundation course.

I have a great deal of gratitude for the first class education and overall experience I received at the Northern Racing College. Enough cannot be said about the instructors, staff and of course the horses that helped me achieve a lifelong ambition of learning to ride racehorses, as well as providing me with the platform to confidentially enter the racing industry.  It was tough at times, plenty of falls and the occasional run away, I always felt I had the support of the instructors and my fellow peers, some of whom I developed everlasting friendships with.

However, now I was ready for the next step, being part of a racing yard, working with the best staff in the industry and being associated with top class thoroughbreds.

Look out for my next blog post in a couple of weeks!