Racing Excellence

Creating tomorrow's champions today

About the Series

Racing Excellence is a series of races for Apprentice and Conditional Jockeys which are supported by a qualified Jockey Coach and run under the Hands and Heels or Training Race conditions.

It has been long recognised that inexperienced jockeys benefit from structured coaching when race riding to improve and develop their skills. With 74 races across 7 series, including both flat and jumps codes, the Racing Excellence series provides this valuable opportunity.

Jockey coaches attend each of these races and provide expert tuition in race riding, tactics, fitness, professionalism and conduct. Points are awarded to jockeys for winning or being placed as well as for jockey skills, professionalism and conduct. The jockey with the most points wins the respective series.

The series are recognised by racehorse trainers and owners as an important element of a young jockey’s race riding career development.

The Series 

There are 74 Racing Excellence races across 7 series;

The following series are for jockeys who have ridden less than 10 winners (15 winners in the Salisbury Series). Whilst a whip may be carried and used for safety reasons, whip use for correction and encouragement  is not allowed.

  • Hands and Heels Apprentice Series
  • Hands and Heels Jump Series
  • Hands and Heels All Weather Series
  • Salisbury Apprentice Race Series (at Salisbury Racecourse only) - less than 15 winners

The series detailed below are a progression of the above race series and are for jockeys who have ridden under 20 winners. The whip maybe used in the backhand position only.

  • The Training Race Apprentice Series
  • The Training Race Jump Series

The series detailed below is now open for jockeys who have ridden under 50 winners.  The whip maybe used in the backhand position only.

  • The Haydock Park Training Race Apprentice Series.